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shreyas ramoji Grade: 12

how is a pi bond formed? i kno it is becoz of sideways overlapping of the atomic orbital. but my question is how will it look in 3d... where can i get a pic of this??????? 

7 years ago

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Dear shreyas,

A Pi bond is formed by the lateral or side ways or parallel overlapping of P-orbital of the atoms which are already bonded by a sigma bond and their axes are coplanar. This type of overlap generates two types of molecular orbitals:
(a) Pi-bonding molecular orbital (p-orbital)
(b) Pi-antibonding molecular orbital (p*-orbital)

A pi-bonding orbital has two regions of electron density below and above the nodal plane.The electron contained in it are called pi-bonding electrons which form the pi bond. It is not linearly symmetrical with respect to the bond axis, rather it has a nodal plane.

Pi-bonds are weaker than sigma bonds.
In Pi-bonds, electron density lies in the regions above and below the nuclei.
Compounds having pi bonds are more reactive.
Pi bond is formed when two atoms already bonded by a sigma bond.


You can find a beautiful pic of pi bond formation in NCERT book.....

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All the best.

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Sagar Singh

B.Tech IIT Delhi

7 years ago
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