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Grade: 12


The rate costant K 1 of a reaction is found to be double of that of rate constant K 2 of another reaction .What is the relationship between corresponding activation energies of the to reactions .The Arrhenius constant is same for the reactions. (A)E 2 = E 1 - ln 2 /RT (B)E 2 =E 1 ln 2/RT (C)E 2 + E 1 = ln 2/RT (D) E 2 =E 1 + RTln 2 Ans:(C) Thanks in advance.

11 years ago

Answers : (1)

8 Points

Given is that

k1  = 2*k2               .................(1)

Let A be the arrhenius constant for both the reactions . Then using arrhenius equation,       

k1=A*exp(-E1/RT)    ..............(2)

k2=A*exp( -E2/RT)  ...............(3)

[ where exp stands for 'e' raised to the power of ]

Divide (2) by (3)


OR exp(E2-E1)/RT= 2   [ from equation (1)  ]

Taking log both sides to the base e ,


(E2-E1)/RT = ln2

E2 = E1 + RTln2

Ans is (D ) & not (C)

If you watch all four options, equations given in (B) & (C) are dimensionally incorrect . So they should be ruled out at once.

Calculations show answer to be (D) as above.


11 years ago
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