Limitation’s of Bohr’s Theory

Limitation’s of Bohr’s Theory


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Sachin Tyagi
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14 years ago

Limitation’s of Bohr’s Theory:- the limitation of the Bohr’s theory are given below.

(i)                  It does not explain the spectra of multi-electron atoms.


(ii)                 When a high resolving power spectroscope is used, it is observed that a spectral line in the hydrogen spectrum is not a simple line but a collection of several lines which are very closed to one another. This is known as fine spectrum. Bohr’s theory does not explain the fine spectra of even hydrogen atom.


(iii)                It does not explain the splitting of spectral lines into a group of finer lines under the influence of magnetic field (Zeeman Effect) and electric field (Stark effect).


(iv)               Bohr’s theory is not in freemen with Heisenberg’s uncertainly principle.

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