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Grade: 6
which of the following statement(s) is / are correct?
(a) If the electric field due to a point charge varies as R-2.5 instead of r-2, then the Gauss law will still be valid.
(b) The Gauss law can be used to calculate the field distribution around an electric dipole.
(c) If the electric field between two point charges is zero somewhere, then the sign of the two charges is the same.
(d)The work done by the external force in moving a unit positive charge from point A at potential V­A to point B at potential VB is (V – VA)
4 years ago

Answers : (1)

Navjyot Kalra
askIITians Faculty
654 Points


(a) is not correct because it is valid only when E ? r-2

(b) is not correct

(c) is correct as between two point charges we will get a point where the electric field due to the two point charges cancel out each other.

(d) is correct when the work done is without accelerating the charge.
4 years ago
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