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Grade: upto college level
A solid conducting sphere having a charge Q is surrounded by an uncharged concentric conducting hollow spherical shell. Let the potential difference between the surface of the solid sphere and that of the outer surface of the hollow shell be V. If the shell is now given a charge of -3Q, the new potential difference between the same two surfaces is :
(a) V
(b) 2 V
(c) 4 V
(d) – 2V
5 years ago

Answers : (2)

Aditi Chauhan
askIITians Faculty
396 Points
							(a) The potential inside the shell will be the
same everywhere as on its surface. As we add - 3Q charge on the surface, the potential on the
surface changes by the same amount as that inside. Therefore the potential
difference remains the same.
5 years ago
Shruti Chaturvedi
11 Points
							V inside= v surfaceLet radius of sphere be a and shell be bCase 1V sphere= kq/ aV Shell= kq/bPotential difference is vsphere- vshellCase 2V sphere= kq/ a- k3q/ bV shell= kq/b- k3q/bPotential difference is vsphere- vshellPotential difference observed in both cases is the same.
one year ago
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