hc verma Q31 ch;electric feilds and potentials

hc verma Q31 ch;electric feilds and potentials


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Raghuvaran varan Chandragiri
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9 years ago

The electric potential created by a point charge Q, at a distance r from the charge (relative to the potential at infinity), can be shown to be

where ε0 is the electric constant (permittivity of free space). This is known as the Coulomb potential.

The electric potential due to a system of point charges is equal to the sum of the point charges'' individual potentials. This fact simplifies calculations significantly, since addition of potential (scalar) fields is much easier than addition of the electric (vector) fields.

The equation given above for the electric potential (and all the equations used here) are in the forms required by SI units. In some other (less common) systems of units, such as CGS-Gaussian, many of these equations would be altered.

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