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Grade: 12

Plzzzz someone explain me how to plot the graphs for two particle charges for the variation of electric field  v/s x or y coordiante.  Plzzz explain carefully with certain examples.


Electric field v/s x &y coordinates;  

 Potential v/s x &y coordinates   

 For eg, if two identical positive point charges q are placed on the axis at x=-a and x = +a. Then how can we plot the variation of electric field v/s x & y ccoordinates

10 years ago

Answers : (1)

pratham ashish
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it's very easy just notice that E is vector but V is scalar.


just mark q at both -a & +a , u'll will see (mathematically/physically) that ,at the points nearer to  RHS of -a the distance tends to zero hence E tends to ∞( it 's +∞ bcz distace from -a will b + if we r on RHS of a point)

at the mid (at 0) E wud b zero as E of both cancels each other

and LHS of +a it wud -∞(near to +a  chrge at this pt wud dominate over the othr as r tends to zero E due to tis charge wud tends to & distance from this pt to any point on LHS wud b - )


similarly on LHS of -a

r(distace) is -ve &just on LHS of -a E wud tends to-∞ as r tends to 0 &  E wud tend to 0 at x= -


onRHS of +a

first E ->+∞ just on RHS & on going further it wud decrease & -> 0 at x= +


the graph  wud b continuous LHS of -a, b/w -a &a  and RHS of a

it wud b discont. at -a &a only .


so will b the V graph vs x (u can use the relation dV/Dx= -E(x) )

10 years ago
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