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Grade: 12


Two small spheres having same mass and charge are loacated at the same vertical line at heights h 1 and h 2 (h 2 >h 1 ). They both are thrown simultaneously with the same velocity V in the same direction along the horizontal. From the initial vertical line, the first sphere hits the ground ata distance l. Then at this instance height of second ball,H=?? Ans in terms of h 1 ,h 2 ,l,V and g(acc due to gravity)

11 years ago

Answers : (1)

piyush garg
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let mass of both the charges is m and charge on both the charges is q

take a sphere which is at height h1 two forces act on it

force of gravitation in downword direction and electrostatic force in downward direction hence net downward direction is qe+mg/m hence accelaration is qe/m+g hence


let t is time taken by small sphere in travelling distance

l=vt , t=l/v

let x is distance travelled by second sphere

forces acting on it

force of gravitation downward and electrostatic force upwards hence net acceleration in downward direction is( g-qe/m)


height at this instant is h2-x


hence height is h2-(gl^2/v^2)

11 years ago
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