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Grade: Upto college level
        Q.1 suppose the two plates of a capacitor have different areas when the capcitor is charged by cnnecting it to a battery,do the charges on the two plates have equal magnitude,can they different? Explain.

Q.2 The charged plates of a capaciter attract each other, so to pull the plates farther apart requires work by some external force.What becomes of the energy added by this work? Explain.
Q.3 The two plates of a capacitor are given charges (plus,minus Q) . The capacitor is disconnected from the charging device so that the charges on the plates can not change, and the capacitor is immersed in a tank of oil. Does the electric field between the plates increase, decrease or stay the same? Explain. How can this field be measured?
Q.4 If a small charge q is moved along a closed path in the field between the plates of a parllel plate capacitor, will any work be done by the agent which moves the charge? Explain.
8 years ago

Answers : (1)

Aman Bansal
592 Points

dear rakesh,

the charge will remain same on both the capacitors even if  they have different cross sectional areas,


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8 years ago
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