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tadiparthi srikar Grade: 12

A particle of mass 1kg and carrying mass 0.01C is sliding down an inclined plane of angle x with the horizontal. An electric field E is applied to stop the particle. If the coefficient of friction between the particle and the surface and the plane is M and E=490/1.732 N/C, the value of M is ?

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

ramya bhaskar
9 Points

the forces acting on the body are:

electric field up the inclined plane: F = Eq

frictional force up the inclined plane: f = MN = Mmgcosx = M1.01gcosx

downward force due to weight: mgsinx = 1.01gsinx

equating these forces:

Eq + M1.01gcosx = 1.01gsinx

solving by putting q = 1.6 * 10-19 C we will get the value of M.

7 years ago
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