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What is the best way to improve intelligence?

What is the best way to improve intelligence?


1 Answers

Deepak Patra
askIITians Faculty 471 Points
7 years ago
People can offer you a myriad of weird ideas for improving your intelligence but the one that can really come in handy may elude you for long. In the modern world when everything is blessed with advanced technology doing away with basic and simple things is a common practice. Students must understand that the term ‘advance’ does not always work in every context. The only best way to improve your intelligence is by regularly using your brainto learn something new. Intelligence is an innate characteristic of any person. We are born with intelligence. So, needless to say, intelligence has a direct connection with our brain and mind. Multiple facets involved in learning make its entire process complex. People learn invariably as they grow up due to their needs of survival and gradually come to terms with the environment the live in. Learning is an important part of a human life. Obviously, we have to understand people and improve our responses made to them. But the importance of learning in us dies right after schools and colleges. We consider getting a job as our ultimate goal. We assume everything to be settled with a job and, thus, stop learning. But, how wrong is that theory! We must learn in schools to get a job and we must learn at a job to move up in life. So the process of learning must not die in us. Learning is the process of developing skills to improve our quality of education and enrich lives. Our brains are probably the best examples of spectacular piece of divine engineering and by learning we actually work our brains to improve their performance. We produce brain wave activity with learning, which is also called as new neural pathways. New neural pathways offer comprehensive approach on one’s life and reality. This is also followed by improved response to anything or anyone around you. With that said, intelligence can also be referred to as a force in action. Learning improves your intelligence by using your brain constantly. It is also important for you to have a childlike curiosity and a good presence of mind. Hence, using your brain is the best way to improve your intelligence.

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