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What are the career options available after BS-MS in IISER?

What are the career options available after BS-MS in IISER?

Grade:12th pass

1 Answers

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2 years ago
  • Academia (Research): After doing a PhD, post your BS-MS course, you can join any CSIR labs or University or research lab as a staff scientist or principal investigator.
  • Academia (Teaching): The IISER graduates can take up a teaching job in any school/University after qualifying the requisite exams like UPSC, B. Ed, NET, etc.
  • Industry (Research & Development): Doing a PhD after your BS-MS course will open the doors of any company for you to join them as a scientist in their R&D department. To achieve this, ensure that you do your summer research projects in industries.
  • Industry (Sales/Management): After completing your Ph. D, you can do an MBA or a business related course and join the sales or marketing team of any reputed organization. Again, ensure that you do your summer research internship in industries.
  • Scientific Writing: You can explore opportunities in journals like Cell, Science, Nature, etc. as an editor. You need a PhD and training in scientific writings.
  • Teaching: After completing your BS-MS, you can teach at coaching classes like FIT JEE, etc. This is considered a lucrative job as the pay packages are good.
  • Legal Advisor: After your BS-MS, you can work as a legal advisor or administrator in biotech companies or Universities. Doing an MBA or Masters in Law will help your cause.
  • Patent Officer/Grant Writer: For a patent officer, you need to take up a law course on patent filings, etc. You can also take a legal course on forensic sciences and join CBI or other police forces as forensic expert/advisor. Grant writers need a PhD after their BS-MS.
  • Be your own boss: If you can invest a little then you can start your own coaching classes or a consultancy.
  • Government Services: You can apply for different positions in various ministries as they recognize MS degree given by IISERs. You can also appear for administrative exams for IAS, IPS, etc. positions.

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