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Grade: 12
        What are some benefits of becoming an IITian ?
6 years ago

Answers : (1)

Navjyot Kalra
askIITians Faculty
654 Points
							IITians are some of the best brains from our country who enjoy a number of lucrative career opportunities in their respective fields. However, some engineering aspirants are clueless about rewarding professional opportunities that lie ahead for them and end up taking wrong decisions.

Some of the most common benefits of becoming an IITian are given below for students to acknowledge what it means to be an IITian one day:

1.Cracking JEE is not the only achievement. The real achievement is to live in the company of India’s best brains for next four years of life. Yes, all selected students in any IIT campus with you are genius. You are learning a lot of things from these geniuses every day and shaping your future for the better. 

2.As an IITian you are connecting with some of the most famous people in the future. Your classmate in few years to come could become a brand or a face of just any invention or achievement. You are connecting with some of the most influential people in IITs who will shape the future of India and the world. 

3.IITs are equipped with the best world-class facilities that students in other colleges or universities cannot enjoy very often. So enjoy your next four years in the luxury of academia.

4.Fresh graduates of IITs get the packages that make headlines every year. So brace yourself for the opportunity to make headline one day in future with your first package in million dollars.

5.Great opportunities for research overseas are very much available for IITians. 

6.IITians are considered the best entrepreneurs. So after graduation if you think of founding a company, then you will never have a dearth of people killing each other to invest in your business idea.

7.You get the IIT tag, which is an achievement for your life. Irrespective of what you achieve in future, you will be respected for being an IITian. And that is the real benefit of becoming an IITian one day. 

8.IITians are also respected overseas. You will always draw attention wherever you go.
6 years ago
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