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Grade: 12
How should i prepare for electrochemistry chapter as soon as possible. what are the important areas or difficult areas on which i should concentrate. Also give me a study plan for the same.
3 years ago

Answers : (1)

Umakant biswal
5349 Points
@ shreyas 
electrochemi is not hard but its the most imp chap as far as board is concerned after p block . and also it have signioficant weightage for jee and neet exam . 
and i am predicting the most imp area for this chap in respect to board exam . 
1- nernest equation ( vvimp ) – 1 ques for sure 
2- gibbe free enrgy – try remembering the formula ( del g = – nf e not cell ) thats most imp 
3- function of salt breedge . 
4- electrolysis and its products 
5- a problem based upon specific resistance and resisitivity calculation 
6- equation of primary / secondary cell ( vvimp ) 
7- importance of fuel cell . 
do only these above , u can get it . no other outside from this . 
the most difficutl thing here is i guess remembering the equations for battern , fuel cell and rusting . but after 4 times practice i didit . 
TRICK = just remember which one is anode and cathode and then formula equation acc to your own way . 
and the study plan will be remain same as u are following for other chap 
1- read ncert (the topics i mentioned ) 
2- go with cbse examination archeive all inone 
3- then do the ncert exercise and intext ques . 
4- read some extra info abt electrloysis given in all in one . 
3 years ago
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