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How can a student overcome exam memory loss?

How can a student overcome exam memory loss?


2 Answers

askIITians Faculty 73 Points
7 years ago

171-1562_memory loss.jpg

Exam memory loss is very common among students of all grades. Irrespective of their hard-work and an appropriate amount of time for revision, they right at the time of exam suffer badly from exam memory loss. Their brains just go completely blank and their pens just can’t write anything.

As said earlier, exam memory loss is common but not taking it seriously may prove fatal for you in exams. With the help of the following tips and strategies, students can deal with memory loss in an effective manner.

1. Calm Down and Relax

The moment you realize that you have been struck by exam memory loss, don’t panic or take any stress. Doing this will only make the situation worse for you. Keep calm, relax, and try to remember your answer. You must imagine that you know the answer and see if anything comes to your mind.

2. Look Up For The Answer

The Science of Neuro Linguistic Programming has proven that by looking up humans can access information from their memories. So stop staring down at your question paper or desk when under a mental block. Look up and you might give your brain enough blood flow to function effectively.

3. The Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping is recalling of particular keywords, things, and situations related to the subject. It is an effective way and you can have the right breakthrough.
Sankaranarayanan G
8 Points
7 years ago
In general students tend to have memory loss due to the fact they are posted with questions all of a sudden. it tends affect their psyche under pressure. My suggestion would be that you question each line so that one would be able to cover the length and breadth of the textbook. while i would vouch for this technique iff the person is an early starter considering amount of time consumed. if you are a late starter i woudl rather suggest you the use of referring to the past year question papers to overcome such fears

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