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        As we all know, the CBSE boards are over. I`ve just finished my 10th(CBSE) and I`m going to join 11th in less than a month`s time. Ever since the age of 11, I`ve been aspiring for IIT, which has now become my biggest dream. I`ve gone through many articles related to JEE preparation and came to know that 11th is the best time to start the prep. 
Well, I`m a bit too curious and I have started to learn some of the topics is class 11 Math on my own. I`ve got a 11th class book and started learning the concepts. Now I have a basic idea of SETS and LIMITS. But when it comes to actually solving the sums, I am not able to get every sum I attempt to do right and gradually lose hope. I find the 11th syllabus (math) very hard. Will I find it hard when the 11th classes begin at school? Is it normal to feel that way?
PS: I`m joining a coaching centre real quick in the middle east. I`ve heard that people who study outside india are not capable of cracking JEE. Is it true?
6 years ago

Answers : (5)

Harsh davda
41 Points
							have the same problem i had .... maths is a subject whos theory is different then sums.. see the solved examples and understand how the concepts are applied.. then go to sums.. understanding concepts and applying them are different things..we should know both...i dont think that u would find it difficult ... u can do it .. dont loose confidence just practice...lrt the people say what they want to say ..  we r born to change the world..
6 years ago
9 Points
							well thtats just a illusion iit can be cracked by anyone from anywhere and dont panic its habitual to find 11th tough as u shift to a completely different syllabus gradually u will get used to it what exactly u need is a bit of right guidance in your dream direction askiitians is a perfect platform for that.
6 years ago
Sunil Kumar FP
askIITians Faculty
183 Points
							dear friend no need to you are just starting your preparation it is obvious that you will take time to have basic knowledge of something.try to solve as many problem as you can you will definetely be in a positive side.
about cracking jee its a matter of selecting right way in a right direction which ever coaching institute
try to have faith in it and be sincere in your will definetely crackiitjee.
best of luck

thanks and regards
sunil kr
askIItian faculty
6 years ago
49 Points
							I am in class 9th and felt the same but today I am enjoying class 11th subjects. I am able to solve few questions of H.c.Verma. Remember you  cant solve every question in the book at first. You will develop this gradually. Get thorough with NCERT maths book. The concepts in Ncert are explained in very simple manner and contains good questions. Refer Modern ABC of Physics. The theory is very good. Dont hesitate in buying good books. You can refer this link for important books. Remember you dont need to buy all books given in this page. Just buy the first 5 or6 in maths, first 4 in physics and first 6 in chemistry.
Please approve my answer by clicking approved if you liked it.
6 years ago
Meenakshi Naidu
19 Points
							Ur preparation doesnt depend on how fast u learn but how well u learn. U still have time have faith in urself and keep working. U can do wonders
best wishes
6 years ago
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