which books u prefer for chemistry physics and maths for iit? dont give the book list

which books u prefer for chemistry physics and maths for iit? dont give the book list


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12 years ago


if am suggesting you more than 1 book ,it does not mean that you have to read all book read only those chapter from that book  for which it is recommended.our purpose is to give best possible material to the student.

check above link for recommended books.

but if you want only one book

H.C Verma for physics,M L KHANNA for math,O P AGRAWAL for chemistry.

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12 years ago

h c verma for physics, and arihant for reference

solved examples in numerical chemistry by bahadur for physical,for organic and inorganic i recommend lecture notes as all other books hav matter much of waste which no one  can tackle

complete arihant for maths , r d sharma for reference and easy text

if u really true to ur self ,complete 50 % of it in each chapter it will fetch u less than 1000 rank as it did to me with 15% of study of it fetched me 3000 , don't trouble urself with lots of books available in market as i did and all others ,makes u more confused ,takes ore money of u add all bad consequences 


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