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what is the fees of bits pilani and send its sample papers

what is the fees of bits pilani and send its sample papers


1 Answers

Vijay Luxmi Askiitiansexpert
357 Points
11 years ago

Dear Vipul ,

The fees schedule applicable for all programmes is as follows:


Admission Fees

Rs. 15,000/-

Each Semester Fees

Rs. 30,000/-

A candidate who has been offered admission will have to pay Rs. 45,000/- (Admission fees and Semester fees for the Starting Semester of the programme) immediately on receiving the Admit Offer Letter. Any candidate who desires to discontinue from the programme after confirmation of admission & registration for the courses specified in the admit offer letter will forfeit the total amount of fees paid.

Certain fully residential programmes like B.S. Marine Engineering where hostel and other facilities are provided, there will be additional fees prescribed which will be communicated at the time of admission.


You can check out the BITSAT papars :


Askiitians Expert

Vijay Luxmi

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