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i am not able to distribute my time routine for the 3 subjects what should i do?plz advise

i am not able to distribute my time routine for the 3 subjects what should i do?plz advise


1 Answers

Rohith Gandhi
24 Points
11 years ago

Dear Swati,

It actually depends on your schedule of your college time table. Assuming it ends by afternoon and you can start from the evening, I suggest you that, What you need to do first is revise and get confident with what was taught in the college, because if you are able to keep up your pace and do all the practice as per your college pace, then your work will be very efficient.

And for the timings, placing solid 7 hrs for your sleep. You study from evening 4:30 to 7:30 with two to three breaks and again after dinner, you can again study for another 3 hours i.e. from 8 - 11 after which you can sleep and wake up at morning 7

so, in total you have a total of 6 hrs, i.e. 3 hrs before dinner and 3 hrs after. so, you can distribute 2 hours each for each subject, where you can allot, around half an hour for understanding the concept and 1.5 hours in solving problems and homeworks which should just do it.

If you are able to follow this schedule, i don't think you would have any problem.

Please feel free to post as many doubts on our discussion forum as you can. If you find any question
Difficult to understand - post it here and we will get you the answer and detailed solution very quickly. We
are all IITians and here to help you in your IIT JEE preparation.

All the best Swati !!!


Askiitians Experts
Rohith Gandhi P, IIT Kgp

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