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what are the topics under jee advanced

what are the topics under jee advanced



1 Answers

askIITians Faculty 747 Points
6 years ago
At the beginning of class 11, Mechanics hit full gear in Physics. You would find all study materials rife with rotational dynamics problems. If you go to school or coaching classes, students are breaking sweat over moving pulley problems. Typically it takes about 7-8 months of thorough preparation to complete Mechanics from HC Verma, Resnick-Halliday, Irodov, RSM or some other study material. Now, go and check the number and difficulty level of Mechanics problems asked in JEE in past 10 years. It really feels like all that effort was nothing, innit? Instead, you would find problems on Modern Physics and Optics or even Electrodynamics more in number.

However, to understand Mechanics fully with all concepts thoroughly covered and practiced - you need that long term effort. Similarly there are other topics that students find very interesting, get attached with easily. For example, Permutation-Combination, Organic Chemistry, Quadratic Equations and Theory of Equations, Newton's laws of motion, Trigonometry, Indefinite Integrals, Periodic Table and Chemical Bonding etc.

It's laudable to spend lot of time in these and master them. Unfortunately, most students make the common mistake of ignoring the other seemingly bland topics such as Inorganic Chemistry, Ores and Metallurgy, Stoichiometry, Ionic Equilibrium, Matrices and Determinants, Coordinate Geometry, Functions, Definite Integrals, Modern Physics, Errors in Measurements, Solid-state chemistry, Sound and Waves etc. And since quite a good number of questions are asked from these sections; it's prudent to devote enough time to prepare these sections. As my Chemistry teacher used to say - "You cannot have chicken dishes everyday. Try havingkarelasometimes."

So, if you ask me the most important topics for JEE (or JEE advanced); I would say take the ones as most important which most students ignore without even knowing consciously they are ignoring it. For you to get in your dream branch at your intended IIT; you need to do good in all sections.

to prepare for IIT JEE; but always get too attached to one of the three subjects. For most, it's Maths. For the rest, either it's Physics or Chemistry. It's good to be an expert in Maths for JEE as your marks in Maths has a higher priority in determining your rank. But to get a good rank; you have to be more-or-less equally good in all three of the subjects.

Hope this helps :)

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