how i would clear bit-sat entrance exam & what measures should i take so that i can able to clear BIT-SAT ENTRANCE exam

how i would clear bit-sat entrance exam
& what measures should i take so that i can able to clear BIT-SAT ENTRANCE exam

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14 years ago

Hi Aron,

BITSAT score is the main and only criteria for attaining admission in the Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Pilani. Intelligent studying is the key to getting good scores. Read on to find out more.

* It is essential to cover only the prescribed syllabus. More the time you spend on studying outside the syllabus, the more time you may be wasting on questions that might not even be included in the final BITSAT

* Since the test is computer based, you should have at least a working knowledge of the same

* It is a good idea to start by revising your 11th and 12th standard NCERT syllabus for mathematics, physics and chemistry

* For additional preparation you can also rely on numerous reference books easily available in the market. Stick to the ones recommended by other students who have already studied from them

* Reference books should provide you with a wide variety of multiply choice questions, covering the entire syllabus

* Don’t rush into taking mock BITSAT’s. You should cover the entire syllabus once and practice from reference books at least 2-3 times before attempting the preparation test for BITSAT

* You should be thorough with basic concepts and formulaes

* You are not allowed to use a calculator for solving mathematical questions. It is, thus, important to brush up on your calculation skills

* Study from a good quality study material for the reasoning section of BITSAT. Try to devote a specific amount of time to the preparation of this section daily, as you might not have studied reasoning in your 11th or 12th standard

* At the time of the exam, start with the section you are most confident about

* As there is a negative marking of 1 marks for every incorrect answer, try to avoid wild guessing. However, a calculated guess will not do too much harm. Remove the option which is least likely to be correct. Guessing from 3 options would obviously reduce the risk factor a great deal

* Time management can help you succeed in BITSAT. Allocate a specific time to every section and try to complete the section within that time frame

* Don’t get stuck at one question. If you are getting confused and are unable to find the right answer, skip the question

Pratham Ashish
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14 years ago
hi shane, for bit sat u can prepare along side with other competative exams like iit or aieee...but there is a difference in bitsat n dat is the english paper n eligiblity criteria of 85% marks in 12th exam so for clearing bitsat u hav to devote time on both school n preparation bitsat from any recognised coaching ,here coaching is reqrd as many students preparing for any other exams also give bitsat so the comptetition level is very high so to cope up with dat u shud join any good coaching institute as they will help u in ur preparation in a right direction....but i think if u study hard in ur school then also u can score good in bitsat so 1st of all jon a coaching institute n den manage ur time b/w school n coaching ,if u r able to do so then u can score high ranks in bit sat ,,also for getting selected other important measure is last yrs papers as this will give u an idea of the kind of paper n also some questions r of repitative kind so dat wud be very useful during ur exam as if u can remember dose questions ,u can devote ur other time on different question....... best of luck......

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