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Ishan Patnaik Grade: 12
        hello,can i get the detailed iit jee syllabus anywhere?I have seen the syllabus put up on this site but its a bit broad and confusing.I need a clearer one which might help me.Is there any blog or anything that tells us what all to study and what not to?If that is so then that would be great.The facilities in our city are not too great.We do not have very experienced iit jee teachers so its very confusing.Also,I have seen the recommended books on this site.I am planning to do OP Tandon for organic,inorganic and physical and arihant physical chemistry for physical chemistry sums.Will that be enough for chemistry or do I need to refer to other books?I am also planning to work out sums from the arihant series for physics problems.For maths I am planning RD Sharma,then RD Sharma objectives and TMH objectives.For calculus I will refer to arihant and algebra i will refer to hall knight.Will that much be enough for physics and maths?
8 years ago

Answers : (3)

Ishan Patnaik
18 Points

Any answer?

8 years ago
AskIITians Expert Sunil,DCE
8 Points

Hello Ishan,
See for Physics u can take D.C Pandey ( A set of 5 books) along with H.C Verma.
For Maths u can have TMH, and objective R.D. Sharma and for chemistry u can hav O.P Tandon, P.Bhadur and TMH Shaum Series.

But along with these books u must take a test series to have a good analysis of ur studies. As u said in ur area u don’t   have any experienced teacher for JEE, then u can also go for Askiitians online courses also. For more details see their website or follow the link given below:


8 years ago
Ishan Patnaik
18 Points

I have enrolled for the fiitjee all india test series due to start in october.That should help.I am seriously considering the packages for Chemistry and Maths in your website.As my physics teacher is an ex IITian,he is guiding me well.

Regarding the books you mentioned,I am doing DC Pandey for physics,and ML Khanna for Maths and will start with RD Sharma objectives too.I will check out the TMH Schaum series too.But my question is,does it cover everything required for IIT JEE or do I need anything else?Physics i know DC Pandey covers everything,but i need proper books for Maths and Chemistry.



8 years ago
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