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Grade: 12
        Sir, i have been alloted ECE in IIITA in the 5th round of aieee counselling. I had given only 25 choices : ECE ,CSE , MECH,EE in nit warangal,trichy,surathkal,allahabad,jaipur and kurukshetra[same order].ECE in IIITa was my last [25th] choice. 

I would like to know , is IIIT A better than nit KURUK and jaipur?? I have seen it at different ranks in various surveys [VIS.OUTLOOK,INDIA TODAY,ASKIITIANS.COM e.t.c] , so i am a bit confused. Also , ECE was intro in it in 2006 only while it started out with IT in 1999 , so does this matter ??How do you compare nit jaipur with these ??I can anyways get EE/me only in kurukshetra /jaipur.... Or could you plz arrange these institutes in a suitable order !!THANKS A LOT!!

10 years ago

Answers : (1)

askIITians Faculty
874 Points
							I hope the query is resolved.
one year ago
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