can one prepare 4 iit-jee in 5 months and 5hrs/day. if yes then can any one organize the schedule

can one prepare 4 iit-jee in 5 months and 5hrs/day.
if yes then can any one organize the schedule


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AskIITianExpert Srijan.iitd
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14 years ago

Yes ofcourse,you can prepare for jee in 5 months.This time is two months extra than most of the crash courses run by various coaching courses.

You  will have to arrange the schedule yourself according to the weak and strong area of yours and the speed with which you cover topics.If possible try giving more hours toward preparation for jee.Identify the important topics in each subject and try mastering them as early as possible.I just suggested a method that i used during my time of preparation.The following paragraph is part of that answer.

During my years of preparation i had devised a very wonderful way to prepare for jee in less time and especially if u dont have organised coaching available to you.

keep aside an hour from what ever time you choose for prepaing for jee.In rest of the time study according to your plan and in those one hours slove a big subjective type problem and without seeing the answer trying  yourself to justify your answer from searching out text books ,notes and whatever literature is available to you on that topic,but dont see the answer or solution till the end of the hour.the topic of the question may be anything random and even knowing from which chapter the question is asked is not neccessary and infact its better if you dont kno the sourse of question.This helps building confidence that you can solve any question from any chapter and also the revision work is done faster because one single subjective question can make you search various chapters at once and this process of searching from books and notes is really a great revision work.

once my teacher told me to just turn pages of the notes that i made i classes for just 15 min without even looking very searchingly..just turn pages!!! this leads to a formation of map in mind of what concepts you kno.When in exams you can then feel very comfortable playing with different methods and choosing the quicker and shorter mothod appropriate for tat problem!!!

I think this will help you!!!

Vishrant Vasavada
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14 years ago

IITJEE …..Hmm ……how many days left…?

Count yourself…

Those who are thinking that it’s impossible to crack JEE in 8 months here is a short, true story about a boy who was able to crack JEE by preparing sincerely for 3 months itself.

There was a boy named Anirudh who woke up on a day when IITJEE forms were out. It was November.Anirudh was regretting about the time he wasted. He was not at all prepared for JEE.Not even the basics.

But the positive thing about Anirudh was that he never gave up and said to himself that “there is no gain without pain”. I will crack JEE in 4 months of preparations.

You won’t believe guys he kept his mind on cracking JEE in 3 and a half month and worked sincerely for the exam. He studied 10 to 12 hours daily and increased it to 12 to 13 hours after January.

He even studied board exam portion too since he had to answer his boards in the same year.

Anirudh was very weak in physics and had forgotten 11th mechanics and chemistry organic. He was proficient in maths only till board level.

But inspite of all these hurdles he kept his cool and started the preparations all over again right from the beginning.

So how he started….


He read NCERT book of physics as fast as possible and completed it in 1 week
Then he solved each and every problem in HC Verma….and if he had any difficulty he solved them soon.
He read Resnick Halliday thoroughly and even solved problems from it.

In chemistry

Started with NCERT and followed the same method as in physics.
Read Morrison Boyd and solved relevant problems.

And maths
he took up coaching material and studied it religiously.

You won’t believe guys Anirudh mastered his concepts till end of March and scored decent percentage in boards and cleared IITJEE with AIR-1278.

Today he is studying BTech in Aerospace Engineering from IIT Bombay.

If Anirudh can do it then why not you….

Anirudh isn’t any gifted student but is same like everyone of us.He is just an average student.

But he also swore that he wont be postponing any more things in his life .

So what’s the conclusion

Studying sincerely for 3 to 5 months = Studying not so seriously for 2 years

There is a lot of time for JEE and start for it now itself if you haven’t started yet.

'Whenever u need to learn something start with what is necessary, then do what is possible & doing that u would suddenly realize that u r doing the impossible'

Don’t worry, JEE is not an unachievable task it’s just that you think it’s unachievable. Leave no stone unturned.

Nothing is impossible since Impossible also says I M Possible

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