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Grade: 11

Hi. Im in Class XI doing CBSE syllabus now. I am also going to an IITJEE coaching centre. However i dont feel its of much use, as it tires me out and doesnt give me time to study for the IIT effectively. Im just going n learning things but not really working out anything. Furthermore,  I find that the human brains cannot concentrate for more than 40 mins, in this case, it is not working out sitting in a classroom for 13 hrs a day.


So i need to decide now, can i leave my coaching and go for a correspondance course from askIitians itself or other kota centres like Reasonance, or Insight. These study materials seem comprehensive and self explanatory and i think i will be able to work hard with it.


So please help me.  Correspondance or coaching?

10 years ago

Answers : (1)

AskiitianExpert Shine
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Preparing for JEE can be quite hectic at times,  but thats hw it is designed to be. It has such a vast syllabus, so wat the xam demands is not mugging up of such a vast syllabus which is obviously nt possible, but understanding the concepts thoroughly. IIT JEE checks ur concepts nt the mugging power. I will say that regular classes keeps  u in touch with the preparation all the time and also in correspondence courses , u tend to relax a lot, which is nt so desired during JEE preparation. Regular tests and classes keep u in the competition all the time. So, i wud suggest u fr a regular course rather than just having the study material.

If u r interested in our online coaching , then pls read below:

Dear Student,
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An IITian is always there for you!
10 years ago
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  • Study Planner
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  • Discussion Forum
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