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Grade: 12


I secured AIR of 26K and TN state rank of 506.i havent been allocated a seat in the first round.what are my chances of making it to CIVIL OR CHEMICAL OR ICE in further rounds of seat seniors say that i will make it but this year the candidates can give their willingness for higher preferred choices so i have my own doubts...

my basic passion is electricals.i know i could have easily scored around 60 marks more and got EEE with my preparation but the change of pattern made me get worked up and screw up the paper...

so my question is whether i should drop out this year and give a second attempt next year.even though i scored 96.2% in CBSE BOARDS i will not be able to make it to top colleges in chennai.

besides i ahv also heard that they are going to remove STATE QUOTA in NITS .so considering this is it a wise decision to drop out one (precious year) and take the risk??

i want your take on this.please reply .




10 years ago

Answers : (1)

askiitian expert akshay singh
8 Points

hi megha,

   your rank is  not that good and that is why u r not getting what u actually deserve.As ur board performance is really nice , i personaly feel that u ll do really well this year if u drop and study sincerely.Look ,if u drop and get elec next year then ur it will be realy better because u hv to look at ur entire life than one year.The only thing you have to make sure that u ll have to realy work hard and then u can secure ur future with a very good branch which is  ur passion.

   also take into consideration that u ll have to spend ur four years in a field ur are not interested in,so i ll advice you not to take much stress just because of this one year,coz u can realy make ur life much more comfortable if u study hard for this year .

  Best wishes for ur future........

10 years ago
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