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xD Ankit™ Jain Grade: 12

two identical pith balls are charged by rubbing against each other.they are suspended from a horizontal rod through two strings of length 20cm each,the sepration between the sucpension points being 5 equlibirium,the sepration between the balls is 3 cm find the mass of each ball and tension in the strings..the charge on each ball hasa magnitude 2×10^-8 cm?


plzz can u xplain each i need full step ......

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

Balaram Krishnan
17 Points

As they're charged by rubbing..whatever is the charge on one ball..must be equal to be charge on the other magnitude wise..and will be of opposite know that 2 unlike charges attract and hence the 2 pith balls should attract each other..draw the situation given in the THINK..what will happen..if you dont get any idea..RETHINK !..they both will attract each other..but are tied to a string and hence the strings will align themselves at an angle with the initial position..let the angle be can find..the trigonometric can find sin theta..after that balance the forces..take the componants of the forces ie tension and weight force and the coloumb force..balance'll get equations..solve it.


THINK ! need to develop your problem solving skills to crack the IITJEE..which you may earn only when you think..good luck brother !

7 years ago
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