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unnati dwivedi Grade: 12

please xplain d rxn of R-X with AgNO2 and KNO2 with d mechanism..

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

AKASH GOYAL AskiitiansExpert-IITD
419 Points

Dear  Unnati

This is the example of nucleophilic substitution Reaction.

In this type of reaction, a nucleophile reacts with haloalkane (the substrate) having a partial positive charge on the carbon atom bonded to halogen. A substitution reaction takes place and halogen atom, called leaving group departs as halide ion. Since the substitution reaction is initiated by a nucleophile, it is called nucleophilic substitution reaction.

see example for this type of reaction

The mechanism

Here is the mechanism for the reaction involving bromoethane:

This is an example ofnucleophilic substitution.

Here OH- is nucleophile.

KNO2               O=N—O(nucleophile)                    R—O—N=O             Alkyl nitrite (product)

AgNO2           Ag—Ö—N=O  (nucleophile)              R—NO2                     Nitroalkane

Groups like cyanides and nitrites possess two nucleophilic centres and are called  ambident nucleophiles.

nitrite ion  represents an ambident nucleophile with two different points of linkage [O—N=O]. The linkage through oxygen results in alkyl nitrites while through nitrogen atom,it leads to nitroalkanes.


All the best.




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7 years ago
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