hiiiiiiiiii, What are the important topics in chemistry for entrance examinations?


What are the important topics in chemistry for entrance examinations?


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Pratham Ashish
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13 years ago

Dear Ayush,

i want to tell you that there is nothing as important topic because every topic is important for cracking any competative exams.

But i can suggest you some easy topics in which you can score more are atomic structure, chemical bonding, inorganic as a whole (just read NCERT book), and in organic ,topics like carbohydrates, phenols, amino acids and peptides and also rxns of benzene.

AskiitianExpert Shine
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13 years ago


Chemistry is one of the most important and scoring section of JEE. One of the most important feature of chemistry as a subject in JEE exam is the homogeneity of the paper.

  • Over the years, in chemistry, questions have been repeatedly asked on electrochemistry, thermodynamics, ionic equilibrium, states of matter, chemical bonding and organic chemistry. If we cover these topics thoroughly you would be able to secure 50 per cent marks easily
  • In organic chemistry, reaction mechanism, particularly those involving reactions of alekenes, alkynes, alcohols and carbony compounds are the most important areas in which students are tested. Another important topic is strength of organic acids and bases. Bio-molecules is also becoming increasingly popular with JEE question setters.
  • In inorganic chemistry qualitative analysis, coordination compound, periodic properties and extraction of metals are particularly important. Apart from that questions are also asked from general properties of s, p, d & f block elements
  • INORGANIC CHEMISTRY AND GENERAL CHEMISTRY :most of the questions are of NCERT level and are simple.

    ORGANIC CHEMISTRTY: one of the most scoring topic


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