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Grade: 12

I got 5 year integrated industrial chemistry in it bhu. I may also get civil in nit surathkal or warangal.Which would be a better option?

10 years ago

Answers : (2)

AskiitianExpert Shine
10 Points


I would suggest u to go for NIT Surathkal or Warangal as they are much more reputed institutes as compared to IT BHU. Also civil engg. has got a fine scope in the coming years in Indai with the rising infrastructure development taking place. NIT Surathkal and Warangal are top NITs in India and share a nice repo.

On the other hand , as IT bhu is considered to be named IIt varanasi soon, and u are willing to go for the IIt brand name then go for IT BHU. But surely, NIT Surat and warangal has got a better infrastructure than IT Bhu.

10 years ago
ITBHU Alumni
6 Points

[Caveat: I am an Alumni of IT BHU]

I would recommend that you evaluate what you would like to do post your engineering and what options are available post your graduation. That is the most important criteria to decide where you should go.

NIT Warangal is a good college BUT let me put IT BHU information in perspective

  1. IT BHU has been a part of JEE since 1972
  2. IT BHU has been ranked 8 in all the college rankings this year.
  3. IT BHU has been investing various infrastructure efforts
  4. BHU is the biggest residential university in Asia
  5. BHU publishes the largest numbers of research papers than any IIT (Ranked 2nd after IISc)
  6. IT BHU is one of the biggest alumni group

I am sure there are many many things that IT BHU has to offer to students. I am sure that there are other questions that you may have and we would be putting up the information for incoming students soon on the alumni website at




10 years ago
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