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Adit Umesh Shah Grade: 12th pass

how is bermuda triangle &black hole created?

where a man goes after being attracted to it?

give some more information about the same?

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

AKASH GOYAL AskiitiansExpert-IITD
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Dear Adit

The Bermuda triangle is the area within the tips of Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. The space within the triangle formed by the tips of these places is known as the Bermuda Triangle. This is one place in the world that has seen more disappearance of ships

There have been countless theories coined in by people regarding the special powers the Bermuda triangle exerts. They range from the attacks from sea monsters, abduction by Aliens, a black hole behind the waves. This was all due to this message that one of the Lieutenant of one aircraft that disappeared had said before it vanished, "We seem to be off course... everything is wrong... even the ocean doesn't look as it should... it looks like we are...." Nothing was heard after that.

Scientists have not been able to come up with reasons, but some have dismissed the Bermuda triangle as being the number one place for the disappearance of aircrafts and ships. There was once a investigation and an shipping insurance that had made the investigation. It was found that there was no proof and sign that the Bermuda triangle was the place with the most cases of disappearance, and that all disappearance have been evenly spaced out in the world

If Bermuda triangle was a blackhole then it would have absorbed all matter of earth and radiated it out as energy a long time ago

Dr. Ben Clennell, of Leeds University, England, is not the first to make note of the possibility of methane hydrates as a source for causing ships to disappear, he has become identified with the theory which, on September 21, 1998, at the Festival of Earth Sciences at Cardiff, Wales, he proposed methane hydrates as the future of energy.
As a part of his elaborate dissertation he claimed that methane locked below the sea sediments in the Bermuda Triangle can explain the mysterious disappearances. He told how subterranean landslides can unlock the vast beds of methane hydrate. This would be disastrous, he told the audience, because large amounts of methane would reduce the density of the water. "This would make any ship floating above sink like a rock." He went on to explain how the highly combustible gas could also ignite aircraft engines and blow them to pieces.

Despite this, there has never been any evidence of why ships disappear in the Bermuda Triangle.

All the best.




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7 years ago
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