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asdew singh Grade: 12

i have got economics in iit kanpur,comp sci in nit trichy,and may get civil in bits pilani i am utterly confused so as to what to do.many people are giving me different

advices.i want to know what to do plzzzzzzzzzzz

8 years ago

Answers : (2)

Pratham Ashish
17 Points

Dear asdew,

This is quite a tough situation to decide but if you are getting comp sc at nit trichy, then you must go there as trichy is one of the best nits and comp sc in trichy has a very good can only think of msc economics if you have a spacial interest in it otherwise you must go to trichy.

Also comp in trichy is far better than civil in bits pilani.

8 years ago
AskiitianExpert Shine
10 Points


NIT Trichy being one of the top NITs is the best choice for you from among these, moreover u are getting one of the top desired branches comp sc. . MSc from IIT Kanpur is not as recognised. IIT Kanpur being a technical institute , MSc from there is not in economics is not good. also cs from nit t is way better than civil from bits.

go for NIT T cs, its the best among these options.

8 years ago
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