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aditya bhardwaj Grade: 11

: A molecule XY2 contains two σ, two π bonds and one lone pair of electrons in valence shell of X. The arrangement of lone pair as well as bond pairs is

 (A) Square pyramidal                (B) Linear
 (C) Trigonal planar                   (D) Unpredictable

please explain the solution breifly

7 years ago

Answers : (3)

piyush narang
18 Points

in my view it shd be a trigonal planar structure


7 years ago
Akhilesh sharma
4 Points

Its structure may be as

       y- x = y

we does not consider lone pair for geometrical structure

hence structure will be as y-x

geometry should be linear


7 years ago
zahid sharief
16 Points

according to me, since there are three sigma bond equivalents therefore hybridisation should be sp2(lone pair=1 sigma bond equivalent, and two sigma bonds).so structure should be trigonal planar but bond angle will be a little contracted due to lone pair and bond pair repulsions.SmileSmile

7 years ago
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