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Himanshu Karan Grade: 12

I cud not got a rank in iit . my aieee rank is 18737. shud i opt for nit agartala , sringr . or drop this year and prepare for iit  2010.   i got 2yr coaching (2007- 09). will i be able to crack iit in 2010 without any coaching..??  further let me know that is it possible to take addmission in any of the eng college and prepare for iit next yr. 

8 years ago

Answers : (2)

Ankur Goyal
8 Points

Dear Karan,

I would not suggest you to drop and waste one of your year as the competition these days is increasing a lot and since their is no guarantee that one would make it next year . Since you have got a rank of 18,737 then you should go for some college in AIEEE. 18,737 is a good rank in AIEEE. If you have filled up the choices and cover from all best college with their branches, then I would suggest you to wait and watch for 2nd and 3rd councelling. You may get a god NIT like trichi, surathkal , warrangal etc with branches like chemical, civil, mettalurgy etc.

You also have another option of joining the NIT or any other college you are getting, and then prepare for IIT. But certainly NITs will be a better choice. Since you will be having all the required material for preparation, as you have said that you have prepared for the two years, you could go on practicing these the whole year with the preparation at your college. Also, college syllabus is almost a resembalance to JEE syllabus with the topics cover in a bit depth. Thus that too will help you a lot. So going for a college and preparing for JEE is also a good option as it will save one of your precious academic year.

The last option is to drop. But for that you need to be a lot prepared of frustration you will face while studying the same syllabus again. You will have a lot of depressing moments facing your friends who are in college and you need to courageously face all this. If you are prepared for this then go for a drop.
If you drop, then certainly go for the 2nd and the 3rd councelling of AIEEE as you might get a good college of AIEEE.

I should made one thing clear to you that NITs share almost same respect as IITs and some of the NITs like Trichi, Warrangal, Surathkal, Kurushetra etc have almost same standard of teaching. Best of luck for your future.

8 years ago
AskiitiansExpert Rohan
8 Points

You have plenty of options still with you.. what I will suggest you is that if you really think that you can work real hard then you must go for another chance at the JEE.

But if you have even a slightest of a doubt then please don't go solely for it. What i would suggest in that case is that you rather take admission in some college and still u can prepare for IIT JEE. I have 2 such guys on my floor at my hostel in IIT Delhi who prepared for JEE while studying in a college and got through it.

You can join some online coaching classes like the and really work hard towards your goal.

Apart NIT Agartala is a better choice than Srinagar if u really want to chose between these two...

8 years ago
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