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ramakrishnan menon Grade: 12
        Dear Sir,

People around me say that Computer science boom is over and the course is not rated as one of the top to join.

I am very confused.

They say job is also not assured and that MCA has equal if not more value. Kindly advise
8 years ago

Answers : (1)

Pratham Ashish
17 Points

Dear Ramkrishnan,

There is nothing like comp. sc is over and it is not  the best course to join.This is nothing but a rubbish statement.

i am an engg. student and i can tell you that if i have got good rank at jee, then i must have taken comp sc as it will give you the best placements here in iits and comp sc is still a growing field and it can't reach its max. point.

Regarding MCA , i will tell you that here in iitdelhi , it starts get filling even after mechanical and yes its placements are quite good.But in any case if you are getting comp sc anywhere then you must go for it rather listening to some peoples as they don't know anything about these issues. you must not worry about jobs in comp sc, as comp sc guys are first to be placed in any institutes.

8 years ago
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