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sir which is better ELECTRICAL in aligarh muslim university OR MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL in HBTI(KANPUR)


     which is better  ELECTRICAL in   aligarh muslim university   OR MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL in    HBTI(KANPUR)


1 Answers

AskiitiansExpert Rohan
8 Points
11 years ago

HBTI's history of being linked with the prestigous institute of the country- IIT KANPUR really helps this institution a lot.

Aligarh muslim university's rich past culture also makes it a very imprtant institution of the country.

BUT, I would suggest that You go for  electrcal at HBTI(kanpur)

If u are not comfortable with it u can still go for mechanical at HBTI..

HBTI still leads the ranking and it is because AMU has a history which is very old while HBTI still holds the grip of it...

Thanks to IIT Kanour for taking it allong with it.. Some IIT Proffs still teach there which makes it even more richer than AMU....

SO my advice - Electrical at HBTI(Kanpur)

Best of luck...

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