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priya madhavan Grade: 12


I hav passed my 12th std n I hav taken admission in a private reputed college.I hav no hope of getting nit dis year though I get answers frm u experts stating it is possible.......

I don lik my college and I want to prepare nxt year fr iit as well as aieee.but my parents and relatives r vry much apprehensive about "wasting" a year fr nit..I am really confident abt nit though not hopeful of iit........pls advise me on wat to do???

is wasting a year such a big issue that I may actually feel fr it later in my life as my parents say??????

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

Hacked AASHISH AMBER HACKED askiitian expert - IITG
40 Points

This is the thinking of many that we are wasting our year studying at home...


But I dont agree to drop 100%. It proves correct in many cases, but sometimes, it can lead to your doom.


I personally know a person, who got Metallurgy in PEC, but he gave away since it was metallurgy(his rank was b/w 5-6k i think).

he dropped and next year, he gave exam again, and maybe coz of his ill fate, he was able to get not even into 50ks...


Dropping is a very difficult thing. You have a mental pressure on u, that if u fail, what will happen since you have dropped ur seat. By any reason, if you are not able to secure even that, what will you do?

So, I wont advise to drop, yes, I wud say that give a try and give exam coz 1st year syllabus is just extension of 11th and 12th syllabus.

So, if u r unable to get seat, u hav a seat here, and if get in some good place, drop out from here, and join that.

 Ihope you find my Essay useful...:P

Best of Luck...

7 years ago
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