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Anindya Biswas Grade: Upto college level

Unit 3: Laplace Transform

Laplace transforms of standard function, periodic

functions, Unit step function, Transforms of

derivatives and integrals. Differentiation and

integration of transforms, Linearity property,

Inverse Laplace transform, Shifting theorems,

Convolution. Application to solve differential

and integral equations ( initial value problem).,,,,,,,,Unit 6 : Vectors:

Vector algebra, product of vectors, vector

differentiation, vector differential operator, gradient,

directional derivatives, divergence, curl, line

integral, double integral, green’s theorem.,,,,,,,,Unit 1: Ordinary Differential Equation

Differential equation of first order. Linear

differential equation of second order (homogeneous

and nonhomogeneous case). Cauchy, Euler’s

equation, Application of first order differential

equations (mixture problem, Newton’s law of

cooling, orthogonal trajectory).,,,,,,,,,,,,,riemann integration    CALCULUS of functions in one variable,,,,,,,,,,,taylor and mclaurin seriea

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

Chetan Mandayam Nayakar
312 Points

2 books

1. "Calculus: graphical,numerical,algebraic" by Thomas, Finney, DeMana, Waits

2. "Advanced Engineering Mathematics" by Erwin Kreyszig

7 years ago
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