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Grade: 10


i am in class xi i want to know the best books which i should do for whole iit jee preparation for physics i have 1.HC verma 2.Halliday resnick Walker 3.IE Irodov which other book i should take? are dc pandey books good? should i take them also for chemistry i have taken only rc mukerjee for physical chemistry which books should i take ? do not give a list of books ? tell only the best books OP agaarwal is suggested by many ? is it really good for maths i have not taken any book just doing ncert which books are the best i am looking to buy 1)Tata Mcgraw hiil book 2)ML khanna or Ad gupta which only is better to go with TMH (first one book) should i buy sl loney's plane trigonometry and coordiante geometry Problems In Calculus Of One Variable by IA Maron HALL knoght's algebra book are these good for IIT jee? as they are foreign books please give your valuable suggestions on it also give some prepartion tips i am just starting preparation so your tips will be highly benefitial i would be highly thankful to you and sorry for the long post but it is very important for me please do reply contribute anything you can

11 years ago

Answers : (3)

Vaibhav Dixit
8 Points

I wud suggest you to stick to H.C. verma and iorodov...And plz do mechanics from iorodov...other things you can do from H.C.Verma...but mechanics seriously do from iorodov...nd if u need a solution of iorodov then use arihant's ,they are best ...believe me with every question you do or r not able to do,analyse the solutions and the way of working,its marvellous...u'll at every question be(believ me on this) a little close to rank in jee.


For physical chem rc mukherjee is king..thats what i felt and thats what my teacher also said.So with no doubt attack  that book.

OP aggrwal i had but the theory wasn't deep and extensive...some great chapters like gaseous states are explained through 4-5 for formula...i wont reccomend this book...for theory of physical you can gothrough your teacher notes and then theory at starting of each chapter in rc mukherjee...then attack the questions...


For organic i dont know much as i only studied my notes from coaching classes...some would recommend solomons and frhyle...but try NOT to take these foreign writers'  books as main support as u will miss many important name rxns...well u can always use this books if u need more knowledge on a topic or if u r  confident that u know what rxns r there missing...


No comments for maths...I used sk goyal for coordinate etc etc etc


PS: Remember Smart work is more important than Hard work



11 years ago
ashish kumar
17 Points


Dear Jamnajeet,

You have provided a long list of books most of which are not useful and there are some books from which you have to read in a particular way. Among the three books you have provided for physics none of them is complete for JEE like resnik haliday is just a wastage of time for a guy preparing for JEE as same thing is being repeated there. You should refer to the D.C.Pandey for different chapters of physics ( got different books for different topics ) which gives better understanding to the problem solving aptitude and you can also refer to the HC Verma for objective and solved and unsolved problems in order to gain confidence. ( give lesser time on the starting problems and the last 4 -5 problems should be done with utmost care ). Avoid Irodov as most of its good problem you will get across in  D C Pandey and the language of most of its problem is not clear.

Regarding Physical Chemistry thye book you have choosen is good for practice. Added to it for Inorganic Chemistry you should opt for J.D. Lee and Paula bruce for Organic. As the course content is quite random you should lay emphasis on solving problems on through that you will get your weak points and then refer to the theory, it will make your study of chemistry more easier. Also refer to the CHEMISTRY TODAY as it has a variety of problems for every 2 - 3 month in the starting and get regular with it later on .

The course content of Maths is also very vast and a lot of concepts is to be used at a time so you should have confidence on each tiopics especially the most important like Coordinate, Trigonometry and calculas, The books you are about to buy are nice and also be regular on MATHEMATICS TODAY as it covers a lot of concept at a time and also increase confidence which is most important while givig exam.

Thank you.

11 years ago
879 Points

Dear student,

Yes you have a good collection of books....

Please feel free to ask your queries here. We are all IITians and here to help you in your IIT JEE preparation.

All the best.

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Askiitians Expert

Sagar Singh

B.Tech, IIT Delhi

10 years ago
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