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shalini goyal Grade: 12

An opaque cylindrical tank with an open top has a diameter of 3 m and is completely filled with water.When the setting sun reaches an angle of 37. above the horizon,sunlight ceases to illuminate any part of the bottom of the tank.How deep is the tank??????

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

Parth Mehta
29 Points

Sunlight ceases to illuminate at an angle of 37. So the critical angle is 37.

Now critical angle is sin-1((ref.index of surface after refraction)/ref.index of surface before refraction(air))

Therefore 37=sin-1(ref index of water)

Thus ref index of water is 3/5,

Now by snells law, u1sini =u2sinr,

Thus, r is obtained....

Now in the triangle,

Radius is given, angle r is known, so by trigo, we obtain the depth,

6 years ago
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