what is the hostel fee at iit bombay?

what is the hostel fee at iit bombay?


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Kishore IIT Bombay
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12 years ago

Dear Keyur Baranpatre,

                                    Its not like that hostel fees there will various sectors for fee payment like it varies from batch wise i will also give the link which u can easily see the fee payment it may varies for year year wise...For 2005 n 2006 batch the fee payment is less but it was hiked last year only...

The following is for for 2008 & 2009 Batch B.Tech./Dual Degree/5 yr. Int. M.Sc. , 2- yr..this is per semister only

1. Tuition Fee                                    Rs.25000.00                  
2.Examination Fee                                 Rs. 350.00                   
3.Registration Fee                                Rs. 200.00                  
4.Gymkhana Fee                                    Rs. 500.00                  
5.Hostel Seat Rent                                Rs. 500.00                   
6.Electricity & Water Charges                     Rs. 2000.00                  
7.Medical Fee                                     Rs. 500.00                  
8.Student Benevolent Fund                         Rs. 500.00                   
9.Hostel Establishment Charges                    Rs. 1000.00                  
10.Contribution to Hostel Subsidy                 Rs. 3000.00                  
11.Annual Insurance Premium                       Rs. 126.00                   
                                                           Total          Rs. 33676.00                              


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sudhir panwar
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11 years ago

hostel fees and mess fees, admission fees se alag lagti hai kyaLaughing

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