where shud i drop from?

where shud i drop from?


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Kishan IIT Kharagpur
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13 years ago

Dear Nitesh

It is not very important where you plan to drop from. What is important is you chose the best way in which you can give your best to learn concepts and solve challenging problems. If you think staying at home is a better option for you and will help you focus more on studies, you must procure the study materials and put in long hours at home. If you think you will do well by moving out of home and studying, you should choose some IIT coaching hub like Kota and give in a full year of dedication.

I would like to stress that the coaching is a very small part of your preparation and will just give you a direction. How much effort you put in will determine whether you crack IITJEE or not.


Kishan S Srinivas

Askiitians Expert

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