how to start prepration for iit

how to start prepration for iit


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Kishan IIT Kharagpur
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14 years ago

Dear Umang

To begin with, you must start by knowing what are the topics you that are included in the syllabus for IIT JEE. Given you have the details of this, you must try and master every concept... Solving problems in these topics, starting from easy problems and going on to solve difficult problems.... You must revise every concept from time to time....

If you execute the above part well, you must begin to start taking mock tests and tune your mindset towards applying your concepts in an exam... You must follow up every such test with a thorough analysis of how you could have bettered an answer, how you went wrong in solving a problem and what is the correct solution and so on.


Kishan S Srinivas

Askiitians Expert

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