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VIvek Singh Grade:

I just gave my engineering entrance exams and i am not expecting much out of it!! although i was a good student i couldnt do well!! so i hav decided to drop an year, what i want is basic guidance on how to go about by dropping an year. I want some basic guidance on what books should i refer that are good in building concepts in all subjects. your help would be appreciated!!!

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

Kishan IIT Kharagpur
46 Points

Hi Vivek

Dropping a year is a very crucial decision that a lot of students take. It could turn out to be either a master stroke or a disaster according to how you utilise this time.

You will have a lot of time in this year. You should focus on understanding as much concepts as possible in the first two months. This is very important as your basics will determine how well you will fare in the final JEE examinations. Also, you should revise and re-revise every concept as often as possible. You must take tests and try and analyse after the test as to what were the things you did wrong in the paper and what were the things that you could have done in a better way. This whole process will easily require you to put in 12-16 hrs of studies everyday.

Books are never an issue. You should try and follow those books that you are most comfortable with. However, I would advise you to follow books by foreign authors in the beginning while you are understanding concepts and use indian books like arihant publications to do tougher problems.


Askiitians Expert

Kishan S Srinivas 

7 years ago
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