sir how are the placements of uiet chandigarh in be biotech

sir how are the placements of uiet chandigarh in be biotech


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Vasanth SR
askIITians Faculty 1335 Points
5 years ago
P lacements at UIET are organized and conducted by the Training and Placement Committee with the assistance of students and faculty. Arrangements for pre-placement talks and interaction sessions could be made upon request. The recruitment process is as follows:

1. The company is encouraged to conduct pre-placement talks before any short-listing procedure before the campus interview sessions would commence. Slots for such activities would, however, be allotted based on mutual consent.

2. Companies can register themselves through the link available at to create their account. Companies can post their job notification through their account.

3. The Training and Placement Committee allots the dates for the
campus interviews but are negotiable by the company.

4. By the end of the scheduled day of campus interview, the company
is required to declare a list of final selected students on the same day.

5. At the end of selection process, the company is required to send offer letters to the Training and Placement Officer who will then hand them over to the concerned students.

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