what is the coordinates of incentre ?

what is the coordinates of incentre




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Dear shweta ramki,

The Co-ordinates of the Incentre can be got by using this formula,

Co-ordinates of the Incentre  =   [ (ax1+bx2+cx3)/ (a+b+c) , (ay1+by2+cy3)/ (a+b+c) ]

Side BC=a, Side AB=c, Side AB=c

Distance Formula :

d=\sqrt{(\Delta x)^2+(\Delta y)^2}=\sqrt{(x_2-x_1)^2+(y_2-y_1)^2}.\,


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Let there be a triangle ABC with A(x1,y1) , B(x2,y2)  & C(x3,y3)

Let I(h,k) be the incenter of the ΔABC

AND let ''a'' be the side length opposite to A ''b'' opposite to B and ''c'' opposite to C

So the coordinates of I(h,k) = (ax1+bx2+cx3/a+b+c)  ,  (ay1+by2+cy3/a+b+c)

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