the sides of a quad taken at random are x+3y-7=0 x-2y-5=0 3x+2y-7=0 7x-y+17=0 obtain the equation of the diagonals

the sides of a quad  taken at random are   

x+3y-7=0              x-2y-5=0

3x+2y-7=0               7x-y+17=0

obtain the equation of the diagonals



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Akash Kumar Dutta
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9 years ago

Dear Abhishekh,

The lines intersect the x axis at a distance 7 , 5 , 7/3 , -17/7 
and the slopes of the lines are -1/3 , 1/2 , -3/2 ,  7
hence the sides taken in order are    x+3y-7 = 0
Solving the equations one by one we get their point of intersections.
and then making the equations of the diagonals we ge:-
1st Diagonal is 4x+5y-7=0,
Similarly the second Diagonal can be found.


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