what is plasmolysis?

what is plasmolysis?

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Malar Jeyaseelan
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8 years ago
Plasmolysis is the process in which cells lose water in a hypertonic solution. The reverse process, cytolysis, can occur if the cell is in a hypotonic solution resulting in a lower external osmotic pressure and a net flow of water into the cell.

Plasmolysis only occurs in extreme conditions and rarely happens in nature. It is induced in the laboratory by immersing cells in strong saline or sugar (sucrose) solutions to cause exosmosis, often using Elodea plants or onion epidermal cells, which have colored cell sap so that the process is clearly visible. Methylene blue can be used to stain plant cells

Plasmolysis is mainly known as shrinking of cell wall in hypotonic solution and great pressure.

Plasmolysis can be of two types. It can be either concave plasmolysis or convex plasmolysis. Convex plasmolysis is always irreversible while concave plasmolysis is usually reversible

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8 years ago
Plamolysis is the process in which a cell shrinks when placed it in a hypertonic solution.

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