Sir I have got a serious doubt Can you please tell me how should I prepare for NEET/AIIMS and all. Thank you

I have got a serious doubt 
Can you please tell me how should I prepare for NEET/AIIMS and all.
Thank you 


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Here are some tips for AIIMS entrance exam preparation according to the subjects.

Tips for studying Physics

Physics is a concept- based subject and has lots of practical problems to solve. Thus, it is crucial that you understand the concepts well and apply when solving the problems. You can refer NCERT books for understanding the basic concepts and then other important books from HC Verma and Aggarwals to increase the level of preparation. Practising problems on regular basis will help you get a grip on concepts and do well in the entrance exam.

Tips for studying Chemistry

Chemistry is a blend of numerous Chemical equations, Problems and also concepts. You should mark important points while studying that will be helpful during revision.

Tips for studying Biology

In Biology, you have to study many concepts and diagrams and remember them. You can refer some good books to clear all the doubts so that you can solve even the complex questions in the examination.

These are some of the important subject tips for AIIMS entrance exam aspirants. Students should allocate appropriate time for all the subjects to be successful in the exam.

AIIMS 2019 Preparation Tips With the best AIIMS preparation tips, you can change your future. The following are the tips for medical exam.

  • Candidates appearing for the AIIMS MBBS 2019 must have to be aware of the complete syllabus and the portion that is to be included in the exam so as to prepare well and score great rank.

  • Focusing on the preparation keeping the syllabus as the base would help you save time as well as you can give attention on the important topics

  • Clearing the basics being studied in class 11th and 12th is the key to score great in the AIIMS 2019

  • Practicing as much as you can from the past years’ question booklets and from the sample papers available in the markets can help a lot in understanding the format and get along with the questions that can come in the same format in the exam.

  • Increase the speed by solving the maximum number of questions in a day. For instance, if you are able to solve 80-100 questions in a day with ease, increase it to 140-150 in a day after a week, this can boost your confidence as well as let you have a planned preparation for the final exam.

  • Practice as much you can on the difficult areas and keep asking the doubts to your mentor or even friends but make sure no doubts shall be unanswered.

  • Make separate notes of all the formulae of physics and record the chemical formulae and reactions of chemistry.

  • Prepare the diagrams of biology as you can expect such in the exam, like to identify from the given diagrams

  • As biology is a subject of theory make sure you take out time on everyday basis to revise the definitions and meanings of the terminology you learnt

  • Read newspapers and watch news every day for an hour to have the best idea of the latest happenings in order to get along with the GK (General knowledge) part in the AIIMS MBBS Exam 2019.

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