Write a short note on a Multiple Bar Diagram.

Write a short note on a Multiple Bar Diagram.

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Pawan Prajapati
askIITians Faculty 60787 Points
2 years ago
We first explain the concept of Multiple Bar Diagram. We also explain the conditions in which we use the Multiple Bar Diagram. Then we take examples to understand the concept better. Complete step-by-step solution: A multiple bar graph shows the relationship between different values of data. Each data value is represented by a column in the graph. In a multiple bar graph, multiple data points for each category of data are shown with the addition of columns. These are used also for two or more sets of interrelated data. The labels are kept in the X-axis and their respective frequencies are used in the Y-axis. These frequencies are plotted in the column section. We explain the diagram with the use of an example. We take arbitrary values for the imports and exports of India (values in crores) for the years 1991 to 1994. Years Imports Exports 1991 345 342 1992 575 435 1993 536 342 1994 677 646 We try to place the values in a Multiple Bar Diagram. Note: Although it is used for most of the relational cases, it has some drawbacks like it often require additional explanation. It also fails to expose key assumptions, causes, impacts and patterns. can be easily manipulated to give false impressions.

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